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      Considered the height of beauty in the early 19th century, rose gold necklaces are seeing a resurgence in popularity due to their warm tone and vintage-inspired charm. Made from a mix of high-quality gold and brilliant copper, these necklaces range in color from a light pink to a deep red, but they still have the soft, beautiful gleam of gold. The rich hue makes rose gold a popular choice for simple designs, such as decorative chains or small gold pendant necklaces. Layer a quirky modern chain from David Yurman or Pomellato with a larger statement necklace for a complex look, or enjoy the sentimental style of a rose gold heart necklace from Michael Kors or Pasquale Bruni. Rose gold diamond necklaces are an on-trend option suitable for a variety of occasions. The soft, rich color provides a warm contrast to a brilliant white diamond. Browse through rose gold diamond cross necklaces for a traditional look, or choose an abstract geometric pendant from Meira T or Dana Rebecca Designs for chic, sophisticated style. Add a touch of color to your outfit by choosing a rose gold gemstone necklace. Gold tones contrast beautifully with blue and purple gems, such as amethyst, sapphire and moonstone. Look for mixed-metal designs for an understated yet unforgettable look. A bar necklace with white and yellow gold accents has a chic, contemporary look. Whether you're wearing jeans and a sweater to a casual lunch or donning your best dress for a black-tie event, rose gold necklaces add a lovely touch to your outfit.

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