The Theory clothing collection, which includes slim suits, finely tailored shirts and swimwear, lets you make a polished statement. Quality textiles, a range of color and options for both men and women let you fill your closet with designer fashions to suit any activity.
Impeccable tailoring sets Theory jackets and suits for men apart. You can dress up in the impeccable fit of Theory tuxedo pants and shirts, or check out other slim and classic fit designer tuxedos with your choice of shawl or peak collars. Theory shirts have a classic, timeless look, so slip into a soft, laid-back henley or T-shirt when you’re ready to kick back in casual Theory shorts. For more options, check out men’s designer T-shirts that feature graphics, long sleeves or V-necks. When you want to dress up a casual look, shrug on a men’s designer vest in suede or jersey.
Theory clothing for women combines classic design with fine fabrics to create a wardrobe of deceptively simple pieces that go together impeccably. As you head to work, pair single-button wool blazers with flat-front pants to support movement and comfort through your day. V-neck cardigans, silk camisoles, and flirty off-the-shoulder tops ensure a relaxed silhouette, and clean, modern lines make Theory maxi dresses the ideal choice for casual weekend afternoons. Add a bit of unexpected, fashion-forward fun to your look with wide leg and tie-shoulder jumpsuits, or wrap yourself in a suede miniskirt to turn all heads your way. Comfortable fit, world-class craftsmanship, and fashion-forward design make Theory clothing a must-have in any wardrobe.

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