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Inclusive before it was cool, KURT GEIGER LONDON was founded more than 50 years ago with a focus on inclusivity, creativity, and kindness. Embracing its mission to embolden people to be who they are, the brand creates styles that are, at their foundation, unique. With the rainbow being its signature--representing good energy and love--KURT GEIGER bags, shoes, and accessories are designed to lift your spirits and elevate your style.

KURT GEIGER Bags. From iconic KURT GEIGER LONDON Kensington and Shoreditch bags to the brand's pop culture-inspired clutches and chic wallets, you'll find rainbow hues and classic shades throughout our stylish collection.

KURT GEIGER Shoes. Give your wardrobe an instant refresh with the latest KURT GEIGER shoes. Featuring bold sneakers and even bolder heels, party-ready platforms, classic loafers in unexpected styles, and boots and sandals that transcend seasons, KURT GEIGER creates footwear that's both fun and functional.

KURT GEIGER Accessories. With the latest KURT GEIGER LONDON accessories, you can effortlessly change your look. Go from classic to playful by swapping out diamond studs for evil eye earrings. Or give your LBD an edgy vibe with the brand's signature eagle pendant necklace. Need a pop of color? Wear a stack of rainbow-hued bracelets with an equally colorful cocktail ring.

KURT GEIGER LONDON Sale. Find the perfect wardrobe pick-me-up. Featuring an ever-evolving collection of KURT GEIGER purses, shoes, and accessories, you can try a new look or stock up on your favorite styles at limited-time prices.

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