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    Get a cute look with a wide range of women’s fedora hats. Each one perches neatly on top of your head to add a splash of style while serving a practical function by keeping the sun off your head or warming your ears. Fedoras complement a variety of updos, keeping your hair in place even when you’re in a rush in the morning,. Choose to wear your hair down so it spills out from underneath the brim to put the focus on your luscious locks.

    Choose brands such as August Accessories, Bettina and Ale by Alessandra for a casual look that goes with a huge variety of outfits, and if you want color, choose a fedora with a wide color-block band that creates a bold statement. Alternatively, select one with multiple tones, or add a bit of interest with feathers or a beaded accessory. Peruvian- and Panamanian-inspired designs provide a distinctly boho look for effortlessly chic appeal.

    It’s often the materials that make the hat stand out, so consider woven straw for an ultralight sun hat or go for a woolen hat combined with a wrap scarf when the weather turns frosty. Leather and polyester also add a great look, particularly when you prefer floppy hats that almost reach your shoulders. If you want an ultratraditional look, opt for a flat-top hat or tallboy women’s fedora hat.

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