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      Put your best face forward when you wear Carrera sunglasses. Whether you're off on a morning run, walking to work or enjoying some outdoor time with your family, these fashionable sunglasses in a variety of classic designs offer flattering styles for both men and women. Select Carrera aviator sunglasses for timeless unisex appeal. Frame colors from basic black to shimmering tortoiseshell make it simple to opt for eyewear that complements your wardrobe. Gradient and solid lenses ensure just the right amount of light penetration for you. Oversize sunglasses let you make a bold statement and pair well with everything from casual wear to ultra-professional outfits. Choose Carrera mirrored sunglasses when you want some extra privacy. These lenses help reduce glare, making them ideal for driving. The traditional styling of mirrored shades goes well with everything from hiking attire and swimming trunks to sleek summer suits and sundresses. Round sunglasses don't cover as much of your face for a more professional addition to your wardrobe.
      These iconic shades offer sizes that suit most faces, ensuring an easy fit with your active lifestyle. When you're searching for shades that combine good looks, durable materials and long-term value, take a look at Carrera sunglasses.

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