Women's Activewear: Workout Outfits & Athletic Wear

Whether you lift heavy, run long, bike hard, have a brilliant backhand, crush it at pilates, kill it at barre, or keep the peace at yoga, you need workout clothes for women designed for all that you do. Made for form and function, style and fit, our women’s activewear collection features looks that can stand up to even your toughest workouts--and still look spectacular. Best of all, with a quick towel off, and a tee, wrap, or sweater to keep a chill at bay, you can go from the gym or the studio to the café or your errands in the blink of an eye.

Women’s Activewear SetsFrom compressive to cozy, supportive to supple, our collection of workout clothes for women can help your keep your body ready for whatever your training may bring. And with the option to wear a look from head to toe or mix and match compression levels and styles, with a few matched sets in your wardrobe you’ll have chic options for workouts at every level.

Active Bra and Legging Sets. Designed for support and style, our women's activewear collection can help minimize bounce and support your muscles throughout your workout. And while they may not make your spin class any easier, your squat any lower, or your run any faster, with active bras and leggings you can work out comfortably and, with the right level of compression, even help your muscles recover faster.  

Active Rompers and Jumpsuits. Rompers and jumpsuits may not be the first things that come to mind when looking for workout clothes for women, but they do have their places. With form-fitting styles inversion poses become fuss free, dance classes more fluid, and HIIT intervals won't leave you adjusting your sweat-soaked shorts and top. Meanwhile, slightly roomier styles can be perfect for hiking, a low-key yin class or a self-defense class.

Tennis Skirts and Tennis Skorts. Stylish yet purpose-built, tennis skirts and skorts provide modesty and range of motion, while allowing you to keep a few extra balls close at hand. Not only that, but with options featuring built-in compression shorts, you can give your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and hip flexors a little extra support. Pro tip: Tennis skirts and skorts aren't just for tennis. They're also great for running. 

Women’s Loungewear. Worn with jeans, shorts, tee, sweaters - or as an easy layer over your favorite gym clothes, for women loungewear is about much more than lounging. It’s about creating a cozy look and feel at the end of a long day or the beginning of a busy morning. Finding comfort in every movement - and peace in the stillness. It’s a way to shake off the challenges of life and luxuriate in its softness. And with athletic wear for women in the latest colors and silhouettes, our collection can help you create moments of pure bliss.

Women’s Loungewear Sets. Where women’s workout outfits say “bring it on,” our collection of loungewear sets says “leave it at the door.”  With laidback looks, soft fabrics, easy fits, and shapes that flatter, you’ll find stylish comfort for home and on the go. 

Designer Workout Clothes for Women. On the trails, on the slopes, at the gym, and in the studio, women are everywhere fitness is found. And with women's activewear and workout outfits designed specifically for your needs, you can build your strength, find your power, and improve your flexibility and your health. 

While working out isn't necessarily about looks, the truth is, when you look good, you feel good, which is why you'll find pieces from AQUA activewear for women, as well as Beyond YogaAlo Yoga, and Sweaty Betty throughout our collection. With fabrics that move with you, looks that are stylish yet comfortable, and designs that deliver support where it's needed most, our collection can help you fully realize just how far you've come.  

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