Deck out your kitchen with electric appliances and coffee makers on sale. Blend up a storm with a new professional-grade Vitamix or create dips, puree sauces and chop vegetables to your heart’s content with a food processor from Cuisinart or KitchenAid.

Make mornings easier with coffee and tea accessories that turn your breakfast nook into a mini cafe. Espresso machines on sale from Nespresso churn out small but powerful doses of caffeine topped with silky cream any barista would be proud of. If a cup of Early Grey or Darjeeling is more your style, tea kettles and pots allow you to brew a single serving or enough for a thirsty brunch crowd. Savor your energy boost in one of your go-to coffee mugs alongside a snack from your new toaster or waffle maker.

Slow cookers make dinnertime easier than ever. Add a roast, vegetables and potatoes before work, and come home to a complete meal the whole family will enjoy. Or use the cooker to keep fondue warm during a cocktail party. Movie night gets an upgrade thanks to popcorn makers, while microwaves and rice cookers help you conveniently reheat leftovers and turn out fluffy side dishes.

For amateur cooks and aspiring chefs alike, a few handy gadgets may be all you need to go from passable meals to gourmet masterpieces. From griddles to grinders to toaster ovens and more, these handy appliances and coffee makers on sale are just what you need to craft culinary delights sure to impress your friends and family.

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