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$Trish McEvoy Veil Lip Color - Bloomingdale's

Trish McEvoy
Veil Lip Color

The uniquely weightless formula offers highly pigmented long wear with a silky, bare-lip feel and softly radiant finish.

Paraben-, gluten- and fragrance-free.
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Shipping & Returns
Gift with any $100 Trish McEvoy purchase!
Receive a deluxe mini Beauty Booster 15 Lip Gloss SPF 15 in Brightening Pink with any $100 Trish McEvoy purchase.
  • One per customer. While supplies last. Offer may vary in store.
  • Your gift will be added automatically at checkout with any $100 Trish McEvoy purchase.
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In the event you return qualifying item(s), please be sure to include the bonus with the return. If you would like to keep the bonus but not the qualifying item(s), your account will be charged for the value of the bonus.

Double Points For Loyallists

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Loyallists get double points in cosmetics and fragrances every day. Offer valid online and in store. Points are not earned in Nespresso shops, restaurants in Bloomingdale's stores, on store services, cash advances, sales tax or when redeeming Bloomingdale's Gift or Reward Cards. Qualifying purchases must all be within one order and one transaction. On December 31 of each year, 75% of all remaining points on your account will be forfeited. U.S. Bloomingdale's stores only. Not valid at Bloomingdale's The Outlet Stores. See for complete details.