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$Lancôme Olympia's Wonderland Palette, Olympia Le-Tan Collection - 100% Exclusive - Bloomingdale's

Olympia's Wonderland Palette, Olympia Le-Tan Collection - 100% Exclusive

From the Parisian runways to you, Olympia's Wonderland is every fashionista's must-have palette. This multi-purpose palette comes in one of the designer's quintessential clutches which makes it both stylish and easy to carry.

Palette includes:
- 4 eyeshadows: Nommé Désir 1971 (cool beige), Paradis 1956 (satin eggplant), Brun Nacré 1956 (pearly camel), Gris Argent 1988 (sparkly silver)
- 4 velvety red lip colors: Rouge de Rose 1955 (reddish pink), Olympia 1980 (orange red), Anémone 1955 (magenta), Couture 1962 (rose)
- A lip base in La Base 1960 (light pink)
- A rosy blush in Pink
- A dual-ended lip and eyeshadow brush
  • This item is part of our 100% collection, featuring exclusive capsules and unique designs you won't find anywhere else.
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