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$Charlotte Tilbury Brightening Youth Glow - Bloomingdale's

Charlotte Tilbury
Brightening Youth Glow

Charlotte Tilbury introduces Brightening Youth Glow, a breakthrough skin-brightening treatment. Use to color-correct, improve redness, reduce pigmentation and erase dark shadows. Instantly blurs, brightens and smooths skin.

Instant results:
• The Anti-Shadow Eraser Filter: An optical skin filter that contains silver pearl reflector pigments to bounce light to more flattering angles of the face. Naso-labial lines and under-eye bags are softened and blurred.
• Anti-Red Color-Cancelling Pigments: These pigments correct redness and give a radiant, balanced, healthy tone to the skin.
• Chlorella: A green algae extract that stimulates even pigment distribution across the skin.

Results after 4 weeks:
• Corrective Watercress Extract: Actively blocks melanin production by deactivating tyrosinase.
• Protective Vitamin B3: Balances skin tone, brightens complexion and reduces pigmentation.
• Plumping Olive Extract: An ultra-nourishing extract that helps to plump and moisturize for supple, more elastic skin.
• Camellia and Rosehip Oils: Charlotte Tilbury’s signature moisturizing and nourishing skin conditioners.

Tried and tested*:
• 100% saw a visible improvement in skin discoloration and age spots
• 100% saw an improvement in skin tone and luminosity
• 100% agree pores and blemishes are instantly blurred
• 100% agree skin feels moisturized and smoother
• 94% agree it enhances skin glow

*30 women tested after 4-week use.
  • 1.35 oz.
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Web ID: 2841531
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