The Clean Beauty Movement is on the rise, and we’re on board! But for those of you wondering, “What is Clean Beauty”, we’ve got you covered. Clean Beauty is exactly as it sounds - beauty products, minus the less than desired ingredients commonly used in the beauty industry. The Clean Beauty Movement is all about empowering the label conscious consumer to make better, educated decisions regarding the safety and quality of the products that they use. 

At Bloomingdale’s, our Clean Beauty collection makes it easier for our consumers to make smarter, healthier decisions about their beauty products. Meticulously and thoughtfully curated, our Clean Beauty Collection offers skin care, makeup and hair care products that are free of sulfates, phthalates and parabens. What does this all mean? A win-win situation for everyone involved, as clean and eco-friendly beauty products are both safe for you and our planet!

So what’re you waiting for? Shop our Clean Beauty Collection for clean beauty brands and products that are all the rave.

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Wellchemist: Clean Beauty


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