Defy gravity and time with La Mer serums. These products deliver vitality and radiance by infusing skin with ocean extracts. This acclaimed brand uses nutrient-dense plant materials to create lavish products, which infuse the skin with beneficial building blocks from the sea. These penetrating formulas stimulate the natural regenerative properties of the skin, resulting in a healthier, more brilliant complexion. When your skin is on the mend, select a concentrated La Mer serum to soothe scarred tissue, support recovery and restore its color, elasticity and texture. Choose serums that revitalize the skin with the help of fermented red, green and brown algae. They nourish your face, replenishing vitamins and minerals to encourage healthy cell turnover. Anti-oxidants like lime tea concentrate provide a protective barrier and nurture the natural rejuvenating processes in the skin. La Mer serums penetrate your pores to saturate the skin with vital marine extracts, hydrating and fortifying your complexion for a firmer, more youthful glow. Let your eyes do the smiling as you bring back lift to your lids with the help of Le Mer eye serums. Sea kelp stimulates the regular production of collagen and elastin, which provide suppleness and support to the skin’s delicate structure around the eyes. Renew and regenerate with specially designed anti-aging serums to reveal a brighter, smoother appearance. Make La Mer serums part of your daily facial rituals and delight in the ageless luster of your complexion.

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