Our collection of Kiehl’s men’s skin care enhances your daily self-care routines. Start with a facial wash or fuel scrub for softening coarse hair and sloughing away dead skin cells, revealing a smooth face beneath. Look for invigorating ingredients like menthol, caffeine and vitamin E for revitalization that gets you ready to take on any challenge. After cleansing, select a moisturizing shaving cream for attaining a close, comfortable shave. Creams with herbal extracts, camphor and extra moisturizers can be applied with a traditional shaving brush, or you can select brushless formulas. Kiehl’s aftershave products give off distinct scents of citrus, light florals and warm musk. Healing lotions and gels include aloe and peppermint to soothe sensitive skin after shaving. Keep lips smooth and soft with lip balms in stick or liquid form. Moisturizing ingredients heal chapped lips and shield them from the wind and sun. Our selection of acne cream combines with your Kiehl’s skin care routine to leave you looking clear and confident. Don’t forget to top your look off with a signature hairstyle; choose hair gels, waxes and pomades that let you sculpt and shape your locks and achieve precise hold that lasts through the day. Our wide selection of Kiehl’s men’s skin care products keep your skin youthful, soft and smooth, so you feel good about facing the day.

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