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      Keep your body moisturized and healthy with Kiehl’s lotion and gentle soaps. To gently exfoliate in the shower, choose a body scrub with aloe vera and chamomile. They’re anti-inflammatory and help remove dead skin cells, leaving your body velvety smooth. For more gentle cleansers, select body washes or a luxury shower gel with invigorating ingredients such as vitamin C. The right soap and lotion jump-start your day, and moisturizing cleansers infused with humectants protect your skin from moisture loss. Lock in moisture after showering with rich, thick lotions. Look for a Kiehl’s crème de corps, which are enriched with nourishing ingredients to keep your skin soft and smooth in any environment. Luxurious whipped body butter absorbs into your skin quickly, instantly softening it and keeping it hydrated all day long. For more lightweight body lotion formulas, look for products with aloe vera ingredients that leave skin naturally soft and smooth. Shop for more intensive lotions infused with shea butter and avocado oil for healing properties that help you regain supple stretch in your skin. Heal your hands after daily activity with hydrating hand cream. Kiehl’s offers special formulas and scents to shield skin against moisture loss. Ingredients such as shea butter and vitamin E leave your hands feeling soft and smooth. Our wide selection of Kiehl’s lotion and soaps provide spa-quality skin nourishment so you feel relaxed and pampered.

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