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      From traditional looks to contemporary styles, it's easy to find girl backpacks that match your child's style. Add a touch of flair with colorful additions from Terez. When it's time for understated classics, reach for the primary tones that have made State a must-have among families. Add designer bag charms, pins, buttons, or stickers to give any bag a personalized touch. Busy days call for simple backpacks that are full of storage options. With strong mesh pockets and zippers on hand, there's a storage solution for everything. Drop these baby girl sneakers in any section, and they're ready when she goes outside for PE or hits the playground with friends. Whimsical designs like those found in Skip Hop's creations offer excellent hiding spaces that keep her smiling while searching for those valuable school supplies. Pair a small pencil case with the bag if she needs even more storage. Smaller baby girl designer bags can be the highlight of any family road trip. They're the right size for transitioning from hours in the car to a long day at the amusement park. When she's at home, they can also double as packs for after-school activities. Girl backpacks have fabrics such as neoprene and polyester that wipe clean and keep up with her demanding days.

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