Keep fingers warm and toasty with designer women’s gloves. Leather is still the favored material for driving, and Bloomingdale’s has an assortment of women’s leather gloves available in rich colors. Take your sports car for a spin with accented gloves by Agnelle, and enjoy the firm grip and smooth feel of the wheel. Theater nights call for pearl earrings, black dresses and stylish leather gloves by Maison Fabre. Grab your date’s arm, and stroll the chilly streets in complete comfort with fur-trimmed pieces by Rebecca Minkoff.

Fingerless gloves provide practicality and style. They warm palms while providing complete access to smartphones and other electronic devices, even when the temperature drops. Fingerless gloves let you access your wallet with ease; wear them with a chunky knit sweater and a gold necklace on afternoon shopping sprees. Women’s knit gloves are found in myriad styles and colors, and kate spade new york has unique patterns that coordinate with rectangle scarves and other accessories.

Gloves have kept up with scientific advances, and tech gloves are offered by several designers. Women’s wool gloves by Echo have conductive fibers, so you can stay in touch regardless of the weather. UGG has handcrafted styles in suede and quilted leather that keep hands warm at football games while letting you text to your heart’s content. Make sure your closet has an assortment of women’s gloves to keep hands protected and always looking their best.

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