Designer Purses

More than accessories, purses are our homes away from home. They are the places we keep the little things we need throughout the day - and the things that bring a smile to our faces. They are where we keep our secret stashes of chocolate for an afternoon pick-me-up, where we keep our favorite perfumes (and products) to help us feel like ourselves, and the spaces where we keep our phones and to-do list to help remind us of the people we love most - and of what they, and we, need to keep life moving forward. And while purses may be function of the highest order, that doesn't mean they shouldn't also be pretty.  

Leather Purses. Elevated in every way, leather purses have the power to go everywhere you do. From the work week to the weekend, casual lunches to special occasions, they are the bags we turn to when we need a day-to-night look that won't let us down. And with leather bags and designer purses from 3.1 Phillip Lim, Balenciaga, and Jimmy Choo, as well as the latest looks in KURT GEIGER LONDON and Burberry purses, among others, you can choose one (or a few) and stylishly go wherever life takes you.

Nylon Purses. It may be the fabric of windbreakers, but when transformed into purses, nylon truly comes into its own. Featuring luxe looks, chic designs, and hardware ranging from edgy to elegant, you'll find Longchamp purses, MCM bags, Alexander Wang totes, GANNI purses, and more throughout our collection. And whether you need a casual purse to stash your kids' snacks in while you shuttle them between matches and recitals, an evening look, or a bag that works for you all week long, in our newest collection of designer purses you'll find it all. 

Canvas Purses. At the hands of designers and master craftspeople, canvas transforms into purses that are both stylish enough for special occasions and rugged enough for everyday use. With impeccable attention to detail and bespoke hardware, canvas COACH purses, MARC JACOBS totes, Moschino bags, Proenza Schouler White Label purses, and more, become wearable works of art with an easy elegance that's impossible to match.

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