Women's Utility Clothing & Utility Fashion Trend

The Utility clothing trend is by far one of the coolest and one of our favorite trends of the year. Combining both fashion and function, utility clothing is everything that you’d expect - lax silhouettes with an elevated appeal, and lets not forget the emphasis on pockets (we’re talking about practical sized pockets that can actually hold your phone comfortably).  All things said, what’s there not to love about utility clothing? Easy to wear, comfortable and fashionable without looking like you tried too hard, the utility clothing trend checks all the boxes. From boiler suits, trench coats, cargo pants and more, you simply can’t go wrong by jumping on the utility clothing trend.

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Updated Utilitarian


  • 3 photos, 1st of close up for large woven tote, 2nd of female model in long beige fringe dress, 3rd of female model in short brown dress. SHOP ALL SPRING TRENDS, UPDATED UTILITARIAN. FRESH PROPORTIONS LIKE LOW SLUNG CHINOS, CROPPED JACKETS, AND STRUCTURED TEES GIVE CASUAL ESSENTIALS A MODERN VIBE.