Every day, tons of waste is produced and millions of one time plastics such as straws and utensils end up in our landfills and oceans, destroying and polluting the Earth. One of the best ways to fight this epidemic is by replacing some of the plastic products and fashion we already buy and swapping them out for more sustainable alternatives.

Queue Bloomingdale’s Sustainable & Mindful Shop, which highlights sustainability and fashion conscious brands. Through our selectively curated products, our aim is to raise awareness to help consumers reduce, reuse and recycle. Our curated selection of eco conscious clothing and products range from denim produced with less water to recycled skateboards and board games made from used fishing nets. With our vast selection of sustainable fashion and eco conscious products, we make it easier to reduce our carbon footprint and help eliminate single-use plastic products that contribute to ocean bound plastic.

By ensuring that some of the products we buy are produced with both ethics and the environment in mind, we can minimize the waste we contribute to the environment, while also practicing mindful fashion consumption. While we can’t change the world overnight, making these small, simple changes to our own habits will make a difference in the long-term. Don’t wait another minute. Shop the Sustainable & Mindful Shop, for sustainable fashion and eco conscious products.

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Sustainable & Mindful Shop


  • 2 photos, 1st of female model in floral print dress, 2nd of 2 tote bags on a green couch where 1 bag is a denim tote and the other bag is a woven canvas tote. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR COMMITTEMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY.