Men’s Trending Fashion

Being the best dressed in the room has never been this easy. This season men’s fashion trends are all about dressing to impress without sacrificing comfort. That’s why we’re featuring soft button down linens so you can look put together while feeling ready for a casual evening out. We also have low-top sneakers, this season’s new power accessory. They perfectly complement a sports coat and khakis combination. From crewnecks to polos, and everything in between, we have looks that’ll help you look and feel effortlessly trend-forward.

Riviera Redux. Timeless yet modern, Men’s Riviera style is vacation elegance at its finest. Perfect for night and day, you can wear coastal chic loafers and khakis for a beachside brunch or an evening alfresco dinner. But if you prefer more of a vintage-inspired outfit, look towards comfy boat shoes paired with color blocked men’s polo shirts, a style that’s both suave and low key. Whether you wear sleek options from Reiss or Robert Graham, you’ll take men’s fashion to the next level when you explore our latest Riviera looks. 

Quiet Luxury. Another great thing about Men’s fashion this season? You don’t have to put in too much work to look elegant. That’s also the magic of quiet luxury. Each piece in our curated selection features stylish, sophisticated and authentically cool outfits that require minimal effort. Wear a Zegna cardigan over a soft polo for a layered look that’s subtly luxurious. Or you can downplay a men’s suit by matching a Vince sports coat with a pair of cargo pants that is both casual and comfortable while still appearing elegant and refined.

The New 90’s. Head back in time with our latest retro collection. Featuring bold patterns and boxy silhouettes, each curated piece effortlessly captures the essence of 90’s style. From cargo pants to chunky low-top sneakers, our selection is a nostalgic nod to the fashion trends of the era. Whether you're looking to channel the laid-back vibe of the 90's or add a touch of vintage flair to your wardrobe, these looks are the perfect way to do it. 


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Men’s Trending Fashion