ALLSAINTS is a British fashion brand that offers clothes, shoes and accessories for men and women. The brand cultivates a look that is both classic and edgy, resulting in clothes that are effortlessly stylish.

Minimal silhouettes and a palette that includes lots of black, neutrals and subdued-yet-funky patterns are hallmarks of the brand. Tops—including T-shirts, sweatshirts and button-up shirts—are often oversize for comfort. The company offers many slim-fit pants and jeans to balance out its tops. ALLSAINTS also designs flattering women's dresses, which feature edgy details like shoulder cutouts and asymmetrical hems. Men's clothes include a range of shirts and pants, such as slim-fit chinos, trousers and sweatpants.

ALLSAINTS is particularly well known for its collection of leather jackets for both men and women. It offers a variety of styles, including biker and bomber jackets, that are accentuated with zippers, buckles and special stitching details. Jackets feature buttery soft leather that makes them feel like they've been worn and loved for years. They can elevate a casual outfit or a pair of men's designer pants while lending a little edge. To complete your outfit, add a leather handbag, wallet, hat or leather belt from ALLSAINTS and don a pair of shoes from the brand, which designs sleek sandals, heels, sneakers and booties.

ALLSAINTS is an excellent choice for those aiming to project a fashion-forward image while remaining comfortable throughout the day, from work to errands to home.

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