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    The Ultimate Bra Fit Guide

    Take the struggle out of bra shopping with our expert tips, foolproof size finder and everything else you need to get that perfect fit.

    Find Your Size

    All you need is a measuring tape and your best-fitting, unpadded underwire bra.

    1 Measure your band size

    Wearing your best-fitting, unpadded underwire bra, wrap a soft tape measure around your body, just below your bust. Keep it parallel to the ground and pull it snug. If you have an in-between number, round up to the nearest whole number.

    2 Measure your bust size

    Move the tape measure up around the fullest part of your bust, once again keeping it parallel to the ground. Pull it firm, but not tight. Round up to the nearest whole number.

    3 Calculate your bra size Enter your measurements in inches below.

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    Bra-ha Moments

    Six indespensible tips all bra wearers should know.

    Invest in a Shapewear Secret AgentA smoothing, full-coverage bodysuit with a built-in bra and optional straps works under almost any outfit when you want a little extra support. From SPANX®

    Superior Storage Whether in your top drawer or packed for a trip, keep the cups open. Folding or inverting them damages their structure and makes them harder to organize.

    The Right Way to Wash A mesh laundry bag prevents hook closures from snagging on the rest of your clothing. To maintain your bra’s shelf life, always air-dry lying flat.

    Put It On Like a Pro Start by hooking your bra in the back while bending over at the waist, then adjust your breast into each cup. Once standing, position the underwire so it lays flat against your rib cage.

    Hook-and-Eye Hack Your new bra should fit perfectly fastened with the loosest hook. As the elastic stretches out over time from wash and wear, move to a tighter one. When you hit the third row, it’s time to buy a replacement.

    The Showstopper Adhesive gel petals aren’t just for going braless—wear them beneath thin, unlined bras and even swimsuits to prevent “overexposure.” Make sure you apply them to clean, dry skin for the longest-lasting stick.From Fashion Forms

    In-Store Fittings

    Still stumped? Come into your nearest store for a free fitting.