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    We Love Our Bloomie's Moms

    They run our company and their own little worlds. Here, a few of our boss Bloomie’s Moms share pandemic parenting highs and lows, advice for fellow working mothers, and what they *really* want this Mother’s Day.


    EVP, Ready-to-Wear, Concessions, Outlet
    Mom of Gemma & Luca

    Most rewarding part of the past year

    Family time. There is nothing better than getting a hug or a kiss in the middle of the day.

    dream mother’s day gift

    Right now I’d say a weeklong family vacation on a remote beach with no technology in sight.


    General Merchandise Manager, Center Core & Cosmetics
    Mom of Abigail & Simon

    Biggest parenting challenge of the past year

    The balancing act of working from home at times without support—taking meetings with a kid in my lap!

    dream mother’s day gift

    Trip to Italy…but I’ll take snuggles with my little ones.


    Gross Margin Planner
    Mom of Kane & Ryder

    Ultimate advice about motherhood

    Remember, you have never done this before, and they have never been here before. Take it easy on yourself.

    dream mother’s day gift

    A week on the beach just by myself.


    Senior Vice President, Creative
    Mom of Wilhelmina


    What’s sleep? (Get as much in BEFORE you become a mom.)

    dream mother’s day gift

    A “Mama-Mina” afternoon shopping and exploring an unknown town.


    Senior Vice President, Marketing
    Mom of Gemma & Daphne

    What no one tells you about motherhood

    The idea of privacy is gone forever!

    dream mother’s day gift

    A day on the beach by myself.


    Associate Creative Director
    Mom of Rian & Zoey

    Best tip for other working moms

    Make sure to cook yourself some food for the workweek so you’re not having Goldfish for lunch.

    dream mother’s day gift

    A vacation someplace exotic!


    Fashion Director
    Mom of Rose

    What no one tells you about motherhood

    Being pregnant was really hard for me, and the beginning of motherhood was too. Asking for help and leaning on your “mom tribe” is essential for survival.

    dream mother’s day gift

    A live-in nanny.


    Senior Director, Marketing Services
    Mom of Graham & Noa

    Funniest thing my child ever said to me

    After months of looking for houses, my 2.5-year-old said to me, “I don’t want to go to bed, I want to sit on the couch and talk about properties.”

    dream mother’s day gift

    Anything to relax—spa, slippers, sweatpants.


    Project Manager
    Mom of Maximilian & Seraphina

    Ultimate advice about motherhood

    Sing their favorite songs. It helps calm them—almost always works.

    dream mother’s day gift

    A 4+ bedroom apartment (definitely a dream!).


    BSM Ready-to-Wear
    Mom of Jack, Avery, Mia & Ryan

    Best MOM MOment

    Anytime I see them sticking up for each other, cheering for each other, comforting each other, hanging out with each other, and most especially laughing together!

    dream mother’s day gift

    Already received it!


    Trade Area Vice President
    Mom of Jared and Jenna


    There are so many! My kids b’nai mitzvot, my daughter’s wedding with my whole family dancing together joyfully.

    dream mother’s day gift

    A trip with my family to Paris.


    Omni Buyer, Designer Shoes
    Mom of Everett, Wilhelmina & Sybil

    The thing I’ve learned

    It’s okay to not have everything figured out—have a plan for this week and next, and know the direction you’re headed in. Sometimes that’s enough.

    dream mother’s day gift

    I would KILL for a spa day.