The Glassware Guide

Whether you’re an oenophile, master mixologist or simply love to host at your place, having the perfect barware and stemware for every occasion is more than just good taste. Each style of glassware is specially designed to bring out the best of your favorite wines and spirits. Prepare for a real pour de force with these happy-hour essentials.

How to Select the Right Stemware

A good sommelier will tell you all about your varietal’s flavor and finish notes, but if you’re not sipping from the right stemware, you might miss the nuances and aromas. There are variations within both white and red wine glasses—a Bordeaux is best enjoyed in a more narrow vessel compared to a Burgundy—but these guidelines will get you started.
  • Red Wine Glasses

    Red Wine Glasses

    A wider bowl (the part of the glass right above the stem) exposes the wine to more oxygen, releasing the deep aroma of reds that’s key to truly savoring these complex vintages.
  • White Wine Glasses

    White Wine Glasses

    Because Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs are best chilled without as much oxygenation, these wine glasses have more narrow, tapered shapes, making it easier to hold them by the stem instead of cupping the bowl, which affects the wine’s temperature.
  • Stemless Wine Glasses

    Stemless Wine Glasses

    A modern alternative to traditional stemware that can help cut down on spills and dishwasher mishaps.
  • Champagne & Sparkling Wine Glasses

    Champagne & Sparkling Wine Glasses

    Tall, narrow flutes direct bubbles to the tip of the tongue and keep vintages carbonated longer since there’s less surface area for bubbles to rise and burst.

Tip for the Bartender:

Savor Your Sips

Want to sample a vintage without finishing the whole bottle? Coravin’s wine systems siphon wine through the cork without breaking the seal, keeping a bottle fresh for weeks while you drink by the glass.

How to Pick the Best Barware

A well-prepared home bartender has all the necessary vessels for every guest’s drink order. Whether your cocktail calls for straight up, rocks or crushed, the right glassware lends professional polish to happy hour.
  • Martini


    This glass is best for—you guessed it—martinis or gimlets. The wide mouth allows those classic concoctions to really hit the taste buds, giving you the fullest flavor.
  • Coupe


    Traditionally used for Champagne before flutes became en vogue, this delicate shape does double duty for cocktails like Manhattans and Sidecars that you’d typically serve straight up.
  • Highball


    Taller and narrower than the oft-interchangeable Collins glass, mixed drinks look especially fetching with a garnish in these versatile vessels.
  • Double Old Fashioned

    Double Old Fashioned

    Also known as a lowball, these short tumblers are perfect for spirits that are best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.
  • Beer Stein

    Beer Stein

    From lagers to pilsners, all your favorite brews are best served and savored in these shapely vessels.

Tip for the Bartender:

I’ll Have a Double

Get two sets of versatile barware like Double Old Fashioned or Collins glasses to ensure cocktail parties don’t have to stop just because someone dropped their whiskey sour.

How to Choose the Right Cocktail Essentials

When it comes to choosing your bar accessories, think about the drinks you’ll be making. Martini aficionados can’t live without the perfect shaker, while whiskey buffs will love unique ice molds.
  • Bar Tools

    Bar Tools

    Have a bottle opener handy for beer drinkers and a jigger and stirrer at the ready for expertly crafted cocktails.
  • Ice Buckets and Molds

    Ice Buckets and Molds

    Large ice molds mean more substantial cubes that will melt slower for less watered-down drinks.
  • Decanters


    Give your bar cart timeless sparkle by storing red wine, whiskey, Scotch and brandy in cut-crystal decanters.
  • Cocktail Shakers and Pitchers

    Cocktail Shakers and Pitchers

    If you really want to raise the bar on your cocktail game, you need a shaker for everything from Manhattans to margaritas on the rocks.

Tip for the Bartender:

Sweet Serve

Keep a classic cocktail mixer handy by making your own simple syrup—just heat one cup of water until hot, not boiling, add one cup of sugar and stir until fully dissolved. Cool and store in a glass jar in the fridge for up to three weeks.