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    We’re thrilled to help uplift women-led businesses in our latest pop-up. Female-owned businesses receive less than 3% of venture capital funding, so we’re proud to spotlight the accomplishments and stories of these 50 brands.





    The actress, producer, entrepreneur, and mother shares her top picks from the shop, plus her best advice for working moms.

    Q: Why were you excited to work with Bloomingdale’s?

    A: It’s Bloomingdale’s! This is an iconic store that has been around for 150 years. I’m from NYC and walking past Bloomingdale’s, even when I didn’t have any money, was magical. It’s incredible the way Bloomingdale’s gives smaller brands and founders a platform. The opportunity to celebrate women with an in-store curation is a dream I didn’t know was possible in my teenage years. Little Tika is smiling at me now in disbelief.

    Q: What made you want to work with us on a female founders–themed Carousel? 

    A: As a mother and entrepreneur, I know firsthand how many hats women wear. To have the opportunity to pass the mic to female founders and their businesses is truly a blessing.

     Q: What drew you to the brands featured in The Carousel? Which are you most excited to recognize?

    A: I wanted a variety of businesses that showcased various sectors in fashion, mothering, homewares, jewelry, furniture, and food. I’m excited about all the brands, but the ones that come to mind right now are Kim Hill Design, Furbish Studio, Lord & Lord Designs, The Spice Suite, and Maven Table.

    Andrea Iyamah, LarroudÉ

    Andrea Iyamah, LarroudÉ