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      lipstick queen

      Finish off your flawless makeup with lip products from Lipstick Queen. This brand's collection features luxurious glosses, sumptuous pots and vibrantly colored lipsticks and pencils that leave you with moisturized, soft lips in feminine shades.

      Start by hydrating your lips with nourishing lip treatments that leave them feeling soft and smooth with just a hint of shimmer. Then apply a velvety lipstick or thick pencil in flattering, intense pigments that complement your skin tone and eye makeup. For something more lightweight, opt for lip color in brush-on tubes for a luxurious feel. Select lip liner in a matching color, or go for a versatile one that matches every shade to create a seamless look that holds your color in place and prevents feathering. Choose a lip color in various shades of red and pink, or go for something much more dramatic and unusual, such as purple or blue.

      Luminous Lipstick Queen long-lasting lip glosses deliver more subtle color with an ultra shiny finish. Look for those with moisturizing shea butter and natural oils as well as those that help to stimulate collagen production to make your lips look fuller and plumper. Indulgent, rich lip gloss pots infused with antioxidant ingredients like vitamin E keep your lips feeling healthy and provide a subtle tint of color.

      Whether you're pampering yourself at home or getting ready for a fun night out, our collection of Lipstick Queen products give you gorgeous, colorful options for accentuating your face makeup, creating an impeccable look that lasts throughout your busy day.

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