Commes Des Garcon Play

Enjoy good times with family and friends in casual wear by Comme Des Garcons PLAY. Graphic tees in short and long-sleeve lengths keep the mood lighthearted as you run errands, finish chores and recharge for the week ahead.

Whether you spend Saturday mornings lazily reading the paper or taking the dog for a brisk walk, CDG PLAY shirts are there to provide relaxing style. Slip on a white T-shirt and a comfortable pair of jeans, and enjoy the beginning of a wonderful weekend. Later, take an early morning jaunt through your favorite boutique shops looking for new treasures, and finish with a quick stop at the local bakery. CDG PLAY polos for women pair well with casual denim skirts, and men’s striped tees brighten up dark jeans. If the weather permits, fire up the grill for an evening barbecue or plan a game night with hot drinks during chillier seasons. Either way, Comme Des Garcons PLAY tops have you covered with zip-up hoodies and colorful tees.

Switch out tees for cardigans and three-quarter sleeve dresses to create a memorable Sunday brunch. In the evening, CDG PLAY provides casual dating attire that shows a sense of fun and style. Get your competitive spirit going with a rousing game of mini-golf, and let the loser buy the gelato. Long-sleeve tops with the iconic red heart pair easily with slip-on tennis shoes and distressed jeans. Accessorize with sterling silver rings and a designer watch for a finished street-smart look. Comme Des Garcons clothing takes you through the weekends in style and fun; stock up on the latest offerings from this designer.

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