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    Champagne Color Dresses

    Elegant and neutral yet effervescent, champagne-colored dresses have the ability to light up any room. And whether you wear them to Sunday brunch or a special occasion, in a shade that sparkles like bubbly in a coupe, you’ll always look your best. 

    With their neutral tone, champagne-colored designer dresses are easy to accessorize. Try an evening gown or maxi dress with metallic heels, and a bracelet and earrings in coordinating tones. Or pair a shorter dress with brightly colored shoes and accessories to make a bold statement. Meanwhile, you can pair champagne-colored dresses in metallic shades and casual cuts with brown sandals and a fedora for an elevated weekend look.

    For more options, shop our newest collection of dresses to find the perfect combination of cut, color, fabric, and style.

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