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      Breville Collection

      Furnish your kitchen with a cooking gadget from our Breville collection. This brand offers several toasters, blenders and ovens that simplify quick meal preparation and coordinate with your other appliances.

      Begin with a Breville tabletop oven with several advanced features, designed to preserve the flavor of your food as it cooks or reheats it. Select models that effectively circulate air for crispy roasted chicken; those with digital displays make it easy to see all cooking options. Prepare small meals quickly with one of several Breville microwaves, and keep an eye out for those with crisper trays in stylish stainless steel finishes. Toasters with short and long slots toast bread and bagels to your preferred level of browning, and you can enjoy your toast with a hot beverage prepared with one of several barista-inspired espresso makers.

      Prepare hot and cold drinks effectively for guests with one of several Breville juicers, coffee makers and iced tea makers. Select juicers and juice extractors designed to preserve as many nutrients as possible from fruits and vegetables, and tea makers that capture the aromatic essence of tea leaves. Blenders, immersion blenders and food processors equipped with powerful motors effectively pulverize, chop or puree cooking ingredients for smooth, even results. One of several electric kettles offers even heating of tea, water or French press coffee.


      Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current countertop kitchen appliances or you want to explore new recipes, you can find several excellent choices from our collection of Breville kitchen equipment.

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