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    Be prepared for inclement weather with accessories and clothing by Barbour. Umbrellas and hats shield you from rain while displaying classic patterns, including tartan, and feet are kept warm and dry with waterproof boots. Barbour clothing is carefully made to honor the designer’s vision, and its polos and men’s button-down shirts offer a comfortable fit while displaying bold style.

    Perk up any day with women’s anoraks in bright primary colors. These breathable waterproof Barbour jackets are ideal for rainy days, and the adjustable hood keeps your salon-styled hair intact. Raincoats provide the same amount of protection with a lesser weight and easily slip on and off over outfits. Avoid the chill in the air with quilted jackets that have waist cinching details. These form-fitting options create a shapely silhouette over fitted trousers and jeans.

    Men’s designer vests provide extra warmth without constricting arms, and they offer a rugged, outdoorsy look that pairs well with jeans and long sleeve T-shirts. For true water-repellent action, try Barbour’s classic waxed cotton jackets. These coats typify British rural clothing, but the iconic style easily adapts to city life, keeping your designer clothing safe from the elements. Men’s lightweight jackets are essential for in-between seasons, and Barbour has styles that will keep you comfy and dry while watching outdoor sports or standing in line for the movies. One-of-a-kind pieces by Barbour are an investment in quality, and you will rely on them again and again.

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