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Summer (Style)
Bucket List

This season, we're making the most of every precious, sun-drenched minute with a cheeky checklist of five over-the-top objectives for your most outrageously stylish summer yet. How many can you pull off before the last long weekend?

"Work from home" this Friday—the cabana has wifi.

(And waiter service. And did we mention the spectacular view?)

Paint a colorful mural for charity night.

Turns out the hautest art happening is your neighb’s DIY wall.

Crash a beach wedding.

If they didn't want you to come, they wouldn't have held it on your favorite dune.

Organize your own toy boat regatta.

Meet your first mates at the mini marina and row, row, row that boat to a win.

Indulge in fine dining—via food truck.

It's like chartering an around-the-world tasting tour, one parking spot at a time.

It's All About
The After-Party