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Create Your Own Set

Mix and match from multiple collections to create the perfect set for you. Want some inspiration? See our curated sets below and get cooking.

Learn everything you wanted to know about cookware (but were too hungry to ask).

Gourmet Startup

Just moved into your first place? This set gives you everything you need. A set of nonstick classics from Calphalon pairs perfectly with a durable stock pot from Cuisinart and a ceramic sauté pan from Zwilling. A 3-quart tomato-shaped Dutch oven from Staub adds a stove-ready statement piece to your repertoire.


Nonstick Starters

These easy-to-use essentials are the basics you need to get cooking. The perfect balance between ease and durability, this set adds a heavy-duty cast iron skillet from Lodge and a versatile grill pan from All-Clad to a classic 8-piece nonstick set from Calphalon.


Healthy Food Mood

Designed for the health-minded gourmand, this set features a collection of ceramic pans that are crafted to prevent sticking without heavy oil use. A set of frying pans from GreenPan alongside a Dutch oven and saucepan from Zwilling let you make all your food health food.


Head Chef

Featuring two statement-making copper pans from Mauviel and copper core pieces from All-Clad, this quick heating and cooling set is designed to be responsive to provide the precise control required for intricate dishes. Copper has the highest level of heat conductivity of any metal—and they don't look half bad hanging above your kitchen island, either.


Modern Essentials

With a focus on construction, we've collected some of the finest pans from each category. Scanpan's unique nonstick frying pan, Le Creuset's iconic enameled Dutch oven and GreenPan's versatile ceramic grill pan perfectly support a classic All-Clad 7-piece set.


The Internationalist

We built this set for the travel-minded gourmand who has an eye for global fare. A Staub cocotte for your gratin, a Scanpan wok for your stir-fry and a classic All-Clad egg pan round out a versatile All-Clad 5-piece set.

The Ready Sets

Don't want to build your own collection? Try one of these pre-made brand sets, which feature the latest in high-performance materials, including All-Clad's five-layer blend of stainless steel and aluminum.