Personal Style, Perfected.

We tapped expert decorator Olga Naiman to share her tips for creating, cultivating and living a look that's all your own, one epically designed room at a time.

the contrast

Think of a room in terms of a conversation where both complimentary and contrasting elements need a voice. Living rooms are perfect for mixing colors and patterns because they're spaces where you want the stimulating energy that comes from lots of contrasts. Just be sure to allow breathing room between each piece." —Olga Naiman

A Delicious Mix

"Stick to a common color palette when combining different dinnerware patterns. You want an unexpected range of notes that still feels harmonious together."

the shelf‐help section

"When styling a bookshelf, think of the items within each compartment in terms of overall shape. If there's a stack of books in one section, keep things visually interesting by using sculpture or an object with personal meaning next to it."

When mixing traditional and modern pieces together, make sure there's at least one recurring theme, like a color, material or shape." —Olga Naiman
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If you want to switch up your dining room chairs, stick to just two different designs. Large, high‐backed styles at either end allow you to go sleek and low around the rest of the table." —Olga Naiman

Raise your spirits

"Clear glassware will disappear against a white backdrop, so frame your home bar with graphic wallpaper or a dark color."

The Common Ingredient

"A truly bold mix of dishes just needs a few elements of repetition to make it feel cohesive. In this case there are touches of white, black and gold in each setting."

A serene, tonal range of colors becomes interesting and dramatic through a mix of textures and fabrics." —Olga Naiman
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So Wrong,
It's Right

Sometimes the most interesting moments come through doing something that's considered 'wrong,' like placing a large piece of art off‑center in a room." —Olga Naiman

A Healthy Work Environment

"Your desk at home should be in a space that always engages and inspires you. Try it against bold wallpaper."

Soft Around the Edges

"Counteract the boxy simplicity of a chest of drawers by surrounding it with an intriguing mix of patterns and forms. Organic objects and artwork help to soften those hard angles."

Add one soft, warm color to create a little contrast with the quiet overall palette while still maintaining that sense of calm." —Olga Naiman
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